About Us

When results really matter, it’s time to call United Nation Investigations. Since 2008 United Nation Investigations team has been helping the people in every state to find the answers they need. We have worked on hundreds of different cases over the years, our results speak for themselves. Our firm is led by a former FBI agent dedicated to providing the same degree of service, knowledge, and comfort to our clients. United Nation Investigations strives to provide excellent service, quality results, and detailed  reporting in a timely manner. United Nation Investigations is here to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  United Nation Investigations specializes in detailed surveillance and undercover investigations for every state. When you need to know the truth, United Nation Investigations is here to help you find it. Our undercover services are designed to help you find the knowledge and the proof you need. Our 24-hour support, offered through emails and phone calls, will help us to provide you with the evidence needed to act upon our findings. Our investigators are able to provide testimony in court. No matter what issue we are investigating, you can expect us to conduct our investigation with understanding, confidentiality, and accuracy. We offer our investigative services for a number of different scenarios, including adultery, cohabitation, child custody, children pornography, human trafficking, and criminal defense. Nothing is worse than suspecting that your partner is being untrue to you and not being able to prove it or be certain. Our goal is to produce the evidence needed for you to move forward. All of our investigations are conducted within the confines of the law, so the evidence we uncover can be used in court. We are connected throughout the United States with other investigative service teams to make sure that the job is done right and you get the information that you need.